Gem Boy Zero Conversion Kit

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1. The printed parts are UNFINISHED! They will require sanding, painting and sealing to really look nice. PLEASE WATCH THE BUILD VIDEO to see what all is involved.
2. This is simply a conversion kit for Kite's Circuit Gem board so that you don't need a Sega Dreamcast VMU shell. YOU WILL NEED KITE'S KIT, so make sure you have or can get one of those.  Check out for more info on that.
3. This particular kit is printed-to-order, so please be aware it may take a week or more before it ships.


Full kit Includes:

  • Resin-printed shell (once again, this will require sanding/filing, priming and painting, maybe even some filling - WATCH THE BUILD VIDEO PLEASE!)
  • Resin-printed buttons for the d-pad, abxy, start/select
  • FDM-printed screen bracket and power switch
  • Silicone button membranes
  • Tactile switches for L/R buttons
  • Screen extension ribbon cable and coupler
  • Laser-cut acrylic screen lens with vinyl backing
  • Screws
  • sudomod decals

Print-your-own kit includes everything above minus the 3d printed parts.