mintyPi v3.5 3d-Printed Parts

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PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION TO SEE WHAT YOU'RE BUYING! The drill guide is separate in this version since most people will probably want to use a laser-cut tin from Helder:


All the 3d-printed parts, screws etc. needed to assemble mintyPi v3.5!  Before you order, make sure the electronics kit from Helder are available:

Single-color versions are available with a textured finish in Peppermint (red), Spearmint (green), Cinnamon (maroon), Wintergreen (teal), Liquorice (black), and Transparent.


Multicolor options are also textured, available in: Retro (gray), Peppermint (red), Spearmint (green), Liquorice (black), and Transparent. Multi-color options cost a little extra because I'm not able to produce these nearly as quickly.

Includes the screws needed to assemble the mintyPi).  It also includes a magnet to go in the bezel for the lid sensor: