mintyPi v3 3d-Printed Parts

Regular price $35.00

THIS IS FOR v3!  mintyPi Lite is the current version and is a different listing, v3 screen/PCB parts are unavailable currently so ONLY order this if you actually need v3 printed parts!


All the 3d-printed parts, screws etc. needed to assemble mintyPi v3!  Before you order, make sure the electronic components from Helder are available:

Single-color versions are available with a smooth finish in Peppermint (red), Spearmint (green), Cinnamon (maroon), Wintergreen (teal), Liquorice (black), and transparent.


Multicolor options are available in both smooth and textured finishes; the textured finish hides nearly all of the lines you typically see on a 3d-printed surface.  Multicolor options are: Retro (gray), Peppermint (red), Spearmint (green), Liquorice (black), and transparent.

Includes the screws needed to assemble the mintyPi, as well as the drill guide (in previous versions this was separate).  It also includes a magnet to go in the bezel for the lid sensor:

Multi-color options cost extra because I'm not able to produce these nearly as quickly.